binder product expansion – M16: connectors for the network of the future


Germany’s 5G network expansion means the ideal of real-time data exchange will become the national standard from 2020 onwards. binder AISG-compliant connectors are the right product for the job. 


As a leading company in the field of M16 connectors, binder connectors are tested and designed according to the AISG standard. The AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) defines standards for the control and monitoring of antenna line devices in the wireless industry. Since they are deployed in outdoor environments, the connectors must provide robust resistance against external influence. 

Series 423 and 723 M16 connectors are available in 8-pin DIN variants, of which four to five contacts are used. The products are AISG C485 compliant and available as male and female cable and panel mount connectors, with shielded versions also available. The connectors, which can be used for all wireless networks, meet the requirements for protection class IP68 when connected, offering maximum reliability even under adverse external conditions.


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