Information on the corona crisis: We continue to produce!


As a system-relevant supplier for medical device manufacturers, we make a very important contribution to combating the corona crisis.

We see this as our social obligation.

Take care of yourself & your fellow human beings and stay healthy!



More Information on the corona virus and effects on the delivery situation at Franz Binder GmbH & Co. Electrical Components KG (Effective: 03.03.20)


Dear customers,
Dear business partners,

The current threat from the corona virus, which is also reported extensively in the media, and its effects on the global economy are not foreseeable at present.

At present, there are restrictions on the movement of people and goods, particularly in mainland China, but now also in other parts of the world.

So far, our supply chain has not been affected by this, and we are not aware of any supply bottlenecks for raw materials or merchandise.

However, at present we cannot yet estimate how the situation will develop. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out irregularities or delays 100%.