814 series - M12 AC Connectors for POWER with S-Coding


Benefits of the M12 AC Connectors

For the power supply of motors usually non-standard M23 circular or rectangular connectors were used. As these are fairly big and therefore require quite a lot of space Binder searched for solutions to make the worldwide proven M12 connectors fit for these kinds of applications. This is realized by putting 1,5 mm² contacts inside the M12 connectors with bigger air- and clearance distances and the new and normed S-coding. Instead of 4 A and 250 V as before now 12 A and 630 V can be transferred. Beside the 3 phases and an additional pre-mating PE contact was integrated. Currently cable and panel mount parts with screw clamp contacts for cable diameters from 8 to 10 mm with 1,5 mm² wire cross-section are available.

Further enlargements of the product range will be realized shortly.

When mated and locked the AC connectors fulfill IP67.