Binder Nederland Opens Sales Office


Binder Nederland Opens Sales Office

Boosting connector turnover with distributors

On May 1st, the Dutch office of the German company Franz Binder GmbH + Co. Elektrische Bauelemente KG officially started business. Wilfried Snelting is in charge of the new sales office and will – in collaboration with the 2 official distributors Isolectra and Intronics – focus on increasing brand awareness of Binder in the Dutch market and boosting sales. He sees many opportunities to achieve this through the stable and wide product portfolio of connectors offered by Binder.

Since its beginnings in 1960, the family company Binder has evolved to become a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of mostly circular connectors. These connectors are supplied worldwide through Binder subsidiaries and distribution channels with specialized knowledge of circular connectors and their applications. Ten years ago, the company started to set up its own international subsidiaries. In China and the USA, they also set up production facilities to produce for local markets. The success of these subsidiaries in increasing turnover led Binder to adopt the same approach to the Netherlands.

Own language, own markets

Wilfried Snelting is managing the brand new Binder Nederland B.V. office and expresses: „The most important goal of the own sales office is enlarging brand awareness and increasing sales in conjunction with the distributors. Especially the latter is important because we don’t want to redirect customers to Binder directly but support the distributors in growing their sales. In practice, they will be doing business with Binder Nederland from starting May 1st instead of the mother company in Neckarsulm, Germany.”

Establishing a Dutch sales office makes it easier and more convenient to contact Dutch customers. For example, at trade fairs, customers can communicate in their own language, which can be very advantageous when discussing complex technical needs. Also, the Dutch sales office can focus on specific Dutch market segments like “greenhouses” and the “high-tech campus” in Eindhoven.  Furthermore Dutch customers will benefit from the fact that Binder is a family business that invests large amounts of money in research and development, offering the flexibility to co-develop specific connectors with customers if needed. The German parent company also believes that the local subsidiaries should have a large stock to support the local market. Nowadays, this is very important since more and more companies rely on their suppliers to be able to deliver quickly.


The connectors from the Binder catalog are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and according to several international directives. The portfolio goes from small sub-miniature IP67 connectors with an outer diameter of only 6mm to connectors for industrial automation with a diameter of 29mm. In between are power connectors, AS-I distribution boxes and solenoid valve connectors. Wilfried Snelting: “Because of a wide and stable range of products, the Binder connectors are applicable for many segments varying from LED-lighting to medical equipment and from sensing signals in industrial automation to instrumentation.”


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