New product for 2016: M16 flange connector with square flange


Ideal for thick walls in particular

As one of the leading companies in the development and production of connectors Binder stands for the highest quality, reliability and responsibility towards employees, customers and service providers. We orientate ourselves by customer requests and develop, construct and product the right solutions for our customers. As our products are at the centre of our business, we are always anxious to further develop them.

Binder has now extended the range in the miniature area to include the M16 flange socket with square flange. In the industrial area, miniature connectors are particularly important for measurement and control technology. M16 connectors are characterized by a wide range of designs and connection options; so the new flange connector comes with soldered, crimped or strand connection. It offers versatile connection options particularly with thick walls. Compatibility with all M16 components guaranteed.


Special features:

  • Increased connection options, above all with thick walls
  • Compatible with all M16 cables


Any questions?

Our contacts are available to you at any time. Please feel free to order the M16 flange connector with square flange from us straight away. We look forward to your enquiry!