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Number of contacts
This indicates the number of contacts the connector has.
The locking system describes how the pin and socket elements are joined.
Degree of protection
The degrees of protection according to IEC60529 apply to various articles and provide information on protection against the intrusion of water and solids such as dust.
  • IP40 Protects against contact with tools, wires and other similar objects of Ø > 1 mm and against the intrusion of foreign bodies of Ø > 1 mm. Does not protect against water.
The choice of version allows the definition of certain technical specifications – for example the type of cable outlet or the size.
Installation type
Connectors are differentiated by installation type: those that are mounted in a device housing (panel mount) and those that are attached to cables.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means that a connector is shielded or shieldable. This is required when it is necessary to protect the signals or data conducted by the connector, as well as to protect external devices, from disturbance due to electromagnetic effects.
Product segment
binder areas of application or type of connector.
  • Power Power connectors for high currents and voltages.
The termination type determines how cables, single wires or PCBs can be joined with the connector.
  • solder The contact and the individual wires of a cable are connected using solder.
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Bayonet IP40 Power

These bayonet connectors comply with protection class IP40 and offer 3 to 12 contacts with a rated current of 5 A and 10 A (depending on the number of contacts). Cable and flange connectors have a solder connection and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C. Flanged plug/flange socket of the 690 series has the dimensions 31 mm x 44 mm, a shieldable version is available. More than 500 mating cycles are possible.