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Connector type
The connector type can be used to distinguish our products for installation in a device housing from cable parts. The connector type describes the difference between connectors that are mounted on enclosures and connectors that are mounted on cables.
Shielded Option
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means that a connector is shielded or shieldable. This is required when it is necessary to protect the signals or data conducted by the connector, as well as to protect external devices, from disturbance due to electromagnetic effects.
Cable type
By selecting the cable type, a preselection for the respective application can be carried out.
Cable Jacket Type
The material of the cable jacket. PUR, TPE, TMPU or TPE-U cables each have different technical properties.
Cable color
The color of the cable jacket.
Cable length
Our items with molded or pre-assembled cables have different cable lengths. It describes the length of the cable from the end of the connector. If the desired cable length is not included, please contact our sales department.
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Shielded cable

Shielded cables are an essential part in modern networking, ensuring reliable data transmission and signal integrity in diverse applications. Ethernet cables such as the shielded Cat6a cable and shielded Cat5e cable play a vital role in mitigating electromagnetic interference. These cables are designed to meet varying needs, accommodating different wire configurations, including 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 wire shielded cable setups.

Shielded ethernet cable

The purpose of a shielded cable is to provide protection from electromagnetic interference and to maintain signal integrity. Shielded ethernet cables and shielded twisted pair (STP) cables are widely used in modern networking applications. To ensure uninterrupted and stable transmission of the electric signal, shield grounding is an essential feature in shielded cables.

Shielded cat5e and cat6 cable

The cable jacket is another essential component of a shielded cable because it provides additional protection against damage and signal interference. binder offers various cable jacket types – such as PVC, PUR, and TPE cable – as well as several cable colors, including green, yellow, teal, grey, and black to satisfy individual needs. The number of wires is another design option, that can range from 3 to 8, depending on the needs.
Many applications require individual solutions in terms of customer-specific variants and variable length. In our webshop, we offer 100-meter bulk cable as a standard product as well as variable lengths from 10 to 499 meters, according to the customer’s needs. Shielded cables are an excellent fit for high-speed networking applications due to their low interference, high data transmission rates, and shielding.

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