Automation technology - solenoid valve connectors
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Number of contacts
This indicates the number of contacts the connector has.
Degree of protection
The degrees of protection according to IEC60529 apply to various articles and provide information on protection against the intrusion of water and solids such as dust.
  • IP65 Fully protects against touch and against the intrusion of dust. Protects against sprayed water (jet) from any angle.
  • IP67 Fully protects against touch and against the intrusion of dust. Protects against water intrusion in temporary immersion (depth: 1 m; duration: 30 minutes).
The choice of version allows the definition of certain technical specifications – for example the type of cable outlet or the size.
Installation type
Connectors are differentiated by installation type: those that are mounted in a device housing (panel mount) and those that are attached to cables.
Product segment
binder areas of application or type of connector.
  • Automation Technology Advancing digitisation and current manufacturing technologies make possible ever smaller and more high-performance elements in the areas of sensor technology and networking. Here, sensor technology means the detection of physical values and their conversion into electric values. These electric values are converted into a digital signal that can be transmitted by means of bus communication to other bus devices. This will make automated production more modular and flexible in the future, with a preference for standardised connectors like the models M8 and M12. The worldwide availability of the connectors and their adaptation to a broad range of applications have already led to numerous versions, e.g. codings.
The termination type determines how cables, single wires or PCBs can be joined with the connector.
  • moulded on cable Single wires are assembled and the cable joined with the connector by means of plastics injection moulding.
  • pluggable Adapters or distributors that are joined with a connector on each side. The version and locking system may vary for the different terminations.
  • screw clamp The wires in a cable are pressed in the contact element radially by means of a screw, establishing the electrical contact.
  • solder The contact and the individual wires of a cable are connected using solder.
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Automation technology - solenoid valve connectors

Our connectors for state-of-the-art automation applications include three series of solenoid valve connectors. Solenoid valve sockets in the designs A, B and C in IP40 to IP67 comply with DIN EN 175301-803, many models are available with low or normal sized housing. Depending on the design, 2+PE, 2+2PE and 3+PE contacts are possible. These are also available with connecting cables assembled at one or both ends, overmoulded versions have M12 connectors at the other end. Some versions have LED indicators. In addition to solenoid valve connectors, there are also appliance sockets and plugs.


• Type A, B and C according to industrial standard

• Complies with DIN EN 175301-803

• Low housing versions available

• Protection class IP40/IP67

• appliance sockets and plugs

• PUR overmoulded sockets (IP67)

• Available with LED displays

• Connecting cables assembled on one or both sides

• UL and VDE approval