binder DNA


binder strives to satisfy its customers by developing and providing the best customer-specific solutions for circular connectors in the automation, industrial and medical field.


binder aspires to be a market leader for customer-specific solutions in circular connectivity through our qualified and passionate employees as well as investments in product development and innovative technology.

Along the way of becoming a global brand, we want to act in a sustainable manner, make bold decisions, and never forget our roots.


binder stands for the following values that we represent in regards to our employees, products, business partners and other stakeholders at all times.

binder DNA –
The philosophy

At binder, it's not only about numbers, data and facts. Passion, commitment and down-to-earthness are at the heart of everything we do. The following key terms shape the philosophy of our family-owned company and form the binder DNA.


We maintain an open and honest communication with our employees. The well-being and satisfaction of our employees are the basis for the development of our company.



For highest customer satisfaction, we rely on our strengths in individual development, design, and automated production of circular connectors on customer request. We have many customer relationships that hold on for decades, which confirms and motivates us in our daily activities.


Product quality

To live up to our aspiration of developing and offering the best customer-specific solutions for circular connectors, we place great emphasis on outstanding product quality.



binder is a brand. Our brand identity is bold, emotional, polarizing, and modern. This is how we give binder a face in the crowd.



The junior staff, motivated individuals and team players trained in our own company, play a key role as they are specifically prepared for their future tasks. In order to retain our trainees and students in the long term, we rely on sustainable structures, fast communication and family values.



From a sole proprietorship founded in 1960, binder grew to one of the market leaders in the circular connector industry with around 2000 employees worldwide. We are proud of our company history, which was only made possible by the courage, diligence and entrepreneurial spirit of our company founder Franz Binder.


Global Player

Our goal is to become a global player. A global player is a company that operates internationally, distinguishes itself by the quality of its products, is a market leader and at the same time stands for a unique identity. With our customer-specific products, smart innovations as well as our international focus, we want to shape the future as a specialist for circular connectors.



In addition to our traditional values, it is of central importance for us to make bold decisions, to dare to innovate and to continuously develop. To meet the changes in the fast-paced industry and the individual requests of our customers, we research innovative solutions in our own Innovation and Technology Center.



In order to protect the environment, it is our corporate responsibility to ensure that resources are used sustainable. We pursue this motto throughout the entire product life cycle – from development to disposal.


Family-run business

binder is a family-run business and will always remain a family-run business.

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