Electronic manufacturing

Tailored to their individual requirements, we develop and equip PCBs in SMT, THT, or mixed assembly technology. These circuit boards are used in customer-specific modules or in individual parts.

Electronic development

The multi-faceted development of complex customer-specific assemblies and systems with integrated electronics is a special focus. In close cooperation with our customers, we design innovative high-tech designs that optimally meet all required specifications and allow an economical production process.

CAD unbundling

Our particular strength lies in the unbundling of highly complex digital and analogue circuits. We have extensive experience with LED and control circuit boards.

Circuit board assembly

With our modern machinery, we can quickly and automatically produce your prototypes as well as small and large series. This includes, of course, the processing of the latest components and housing forms. SMT, SMD, THT, or mixed equipment are available for this purpose.

AOI testing

AOI (automatic optical inspection) enables the complete inspection of each production step. The adapterless (because it is visual) inspection, supplements the ICT (in-circuit test), which is also part of the standard test. It eliminates the need to find open solder joints in the ICT when space for test points is missing on high-density circuits of miniaturised electronics. 

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