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Dear reader,

Labour shortages, interest rate hikes, the energy crisis, inflation, material supply issues and much more have burdened the economy in Germany and worldwide. Franz Binder GmbH & Co. Electrical Components KG is no exception.

Yet, thanks to our volume of orders and value creation within the binder group, we have achieved our sales targets for 2023. Our current capacity utilisation also gives us security for the coming months.

This issue of verbinder is about the future of binder: the future of our customer-specific products with binder solutions and the future of our Neckarsulm site, with an update on the second construction phase. In other words, future binder.

Summer and the holiday season are here. I hope you and your families have a wonderful and relaxing time.

Happy reading!
Kind regards,

Markus Binder
CEO of the binder group

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