Innovations beyond the standard

Although standard products from the binder portfolio suit most applications, they do not fit all of them. In such cases, the Neckarsulm-based manufacturer's solution expertise comes into play: namely in the form of exclusive connectors that are perfectly tailored to the application. Customers benefit from binder's exceptional vertical integration as well as six decades of experience in design and engineering. Examples of customer-specific developments can be found for instance in the medical-device and plant engineering sectors.
In collaboration with customers and according to their ideas, binder develops individual connectivity solutions. Photo: binder

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, develops and manufactures specialized connectivity solutions according to customer requirements. The focus is on use cases with special demands that exceed the typical scope, so that none of the binder catalog products meet all the criteria. Such applications can be reliably implemented with customized solutions from the Neckarsulm-based specialist. binder has extensive know-how and more than 60 years of experience in the design and development of connectors – and has been creating individual connectivity solutions together with customers and according to their ideas for just as long.

Vertical integration and quality expertise

For the benefit of its customers, binder offers design, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and automation from a single source. Through its affiliated companies, the manufacturer has additional expertise in stamped, turned, and cast parts as well as in galvanics, PCB design, and component assembly. Furthermore, binder’s customized products are qualified in the company's own laboratory.

With the help of Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA), critical design and production challenges are identified at an early stage. Sample assemblies and preliminary tests in the binder lab support the optimization and quality assurance of custom products as well as the monitoring and approval of pilot series production by the quality project managers. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 + AC:2018 + A11:2021 certifications underline binder's competencies in terms of quality and environmental management.

Applications – medical and more

The target markets for binder's tailor-made products are as diverse as the company's customers. Examples of applications can be found in sanitary and medical device technology, industrial automation, as well as metrology and controls. A typical requirement in medical device engineering, for example, is that connectors must not be identical. An interface has to be unique to prevent mismating. In addition, resistance to certain liquids can already be considered during the design phase when selecting the components' materials. Potential medical applications include respiratory and dialysis equipment, instruments for ultrasound and electrotherapy, as well as infusion pumps and contrast agent injectors.

Examples from medical-device

For applications in patient monitoring, binder has developed a modular 12-pin connector system consisting of a panel mount plug and eight panel mount sockets (970 series).

Reliability was the key design criterion. While the sockets were integrated into the housing of the patient monitor, the plugs were part of the pluggable parameter modules. Concentric arrangement of the contacts ensured the plug connection was centered automatically when mating – without the need of removing the protective cap.

Conclusion: High-quality, reliable ... and highly individual

When realizing customer-specific development projects, all binder corporate divisions involved operate in a flexible and extremely customer-oriented manner. Thanks to their outstanding experience and technological capabilities, binder is able to develop and manufacture highly individualized connectors for different target markets according to customer specifications – providing excellent supply reliability and at the highest level of quality.

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